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Adult Printable Paperdolls

Special Note: We still need more African-American and international adult paperdolls. Thank you to all artists who have recently met this need. How about you?

The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Catherine of Aragon, Lady Jane Grey (& husband), Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard, Katherine Parr, and King Henry VIII. From Laurie Sebastian's Royal Paper Dolls.

Angelina Jolie: woman doll with 6 outfits. Also Alice Cullen, Amanda Bynes, Anne Hathaway, Ava Gardner, Bella Swan, Betty Davis, Betty Grable, Brad Pitt, Carlisle Cullen, Catherine Ferguson, Cher, Condoleeza Rice, Courtney Cox, Debbie Reynolds, Desi Arnaz, Diane Kruger, Doris Day, Dorothy Dandridge, Edward Cullen, Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Emmit Cullen, Eric Bana, Esme Cullen, Fran Drescher, Geinger Robers, Halle Berry, Heath Ledger, Jackie Kennedy, Jacob Black, James Dean, Jasper Hale, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, John Kennedy, Julia Roberts, Kera Knightly, Lalaine, Liv Tyler, Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Meg Ryan, Miley Cyrus, Orlando Bloom, Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, Raven Simone, Rosalind Russell, Rosalie Hale, Sandra Bulloch, Rose Bryne, Russell Crowe, Sacagawea, Saffron Burrows, Sandra Dee (Kim Cattrall), Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Michell Geller, Sean Bean, Sonja Henie, Susan Hayward, Susan Lucci, Tom Cruise, Winona Ryder. From Gail's Paperdolls.

Dylan Hunt: from Gene Roddenberry's TV series Andromeda. Also Tyr Anasazi. From Todd F. Brugmans' Scotsman's Babbling Farce.

Luke Skywalker: Star Wars male paperdoll with 9 outfits. Also Princess Leia and 3 outfits. From http://flyingarmadillo.com

Waters of the Moon: Captain Kris Fairfield, Dr. Valerie Fairfield, Colonel Michael Zopek, and Grey Waters: 2069 Moonbase science fiction paperdolls. Also Isabelle and Cloe. From Kwei-lin Lum's Flat Doll page.

Bill Compton: male paperdoll with outfits from the True Blood TV series. Also Sookie Stackhouse, Eric Northman, Alcide Hervaux, Lafayette Reynolds, Pam, Jessica Hamby, Sam Merlotte, Russell Edgington, Tara Thornton, Jason Stackhouse, Hoyt Fortenberry. From andyswist.com.

Ziegfeld Girl: 1941 "6 Famous Movie Stars and 10 Hollywood Models". Also 1967 Marlo Thomas as That Girl. Also Wedding of the Paper Dolls. Also Helen Page's Regency Lady of Quality. Also 1885 style b/w Nellie. From Teri Pettit's paperdoll collection.

Lissa: Woman paperdoll. Also Paris Hilton. Reese Witherspoon From Helen I Thomas Paperdolls

1830's woman paperdoll: from Past Patterns

Grandma and Grandpa: paperdolls and outfits from Original Paper Dolls by *Cricket*.

LaDonna: woman paperdoll plus outfits #1, #2, #3, #4. Also Doreen with outfits #1, #2, #3, #4, Doreen with outfits #1, #2, #3, #4, Alice with outfit, Betty with outfit, Jayne with outfit. From Joanne Braden's Paperdoll Page

Glenne Vivienne Holland's Glamour Paper Doll Page: collection of paperdolls including Kathy Keene, Pink Cloud, Natalie, Adelette, Sophie. Caretha. More.

Hyacinth & Richard Bucket: Keeping Up Appearances paperdolls with many outfit pages. Also Mrs. Slocombe and Miss Brahms with many outfit pages, and paperdolls from Emperor of the Sea, The Young Ones, Firefly and more from Anita's Paper Dolls.

Mr. Spock and Capt. Kirk: Star Trek men paperdolls with outfit pages #1 and #2. Also Lt. Uhura. from Anita's Paper Dolls.

Vyvan: The Young Ones star with outfits. Also Hercule Poirot with outfits.

Kristina's Printable Paperdolls: 6 fashion models with MANY beautiful pages of outfits - Brandi, Victoria, Amanda, Shannon, Tiffany, Heather

Sherlock Holmes: Bonnie Mutchler's man paperdoll. Also Scrooge, 5 Voltron characters, Rock Star, Munro clan, Popeye's wedding, Roaring 20's. From Mom's Lil' Acre

AngelFae: faerie paperdoll. Also MissyFae paperdoll. With faerie clothes #1, #2, #3, #4, #5. From Angel Hartman's Printable Paperdolls

Soldier & his lass: With eight outfit pages. Originally printed in Delineator Magazine, July 1919.

Mars Colonists: two men and two women paperdolls with outfits, including space suits, created by Nina Callaway.

Nelle and Chuck: C. David Claudon's woman with son paperdoll. Also Little Mermaid and Prince, Ancient Egyptian Transformations, St. Raphael, Morpheus, Commedia dell' Arte #1, #2, #3, #4, Dante, Durer Everyman, Henry II, Sir Gawain, St. Bernardine of Siena, Taming of the Shrew costumes. From C. David Claudon's Paper Dolls.

Fancy Ephemera: Brenda Sneathen Mattox's many pages of paperdolls

Anna-Karenina: woman paperdoll plus many outfits from Liana Sharer's Paper Doll Blog. Also Aelinora (an elvish princess) .

Costume Gallery: Soldiers of Three Wars & Their Lasses - from a 1919 magazine

Florence Nightingale: woman paperdoll with outfits. Also Anna Pavlova, Russian ballerina with costume. Also Grace Kelly and gown, and Audrey Hepburn and gown. From the U.S. Historical Society.

Marilyn Monroe: Tom Tierney's paperdoll plus 31 outfits

Candi Girl Paper Art Gallery: Miki Kopitz' Hispanic & Chinese women fashion dolls with outfits

Ethnic Paper Dolls: Russian, Early Northeastern Indian, Czechoslovakia, India, African, Asian, many more

Lauridolls: eight paperdolls

Marilyn's Paperdoll Album: Charlotte's Dream, Oriental lady, Lady Anne, others

Caveman: With clothes, net & glasses (?)

The Dead Milkmen: Punk Rock teenage paperdoll with outfits & accessories

Bob Dylan paperdoll and two outfits plus guitar by Cynthia Winkler. Includes Bob Dylan midi.

1886 woman paperdoll and two outfits.

Iroquois Woman paperdoll and outfits. Also Iroquois Man. From Kanatiyosh's Paper Dolls.

Penelope : b/w Regency era woman paperdoll in pdf format from Kim Brecklein's free paperdolls page. Also b/w Civil War man and woman. Also Janice.

Woman: Funorama's b/w paperdoll & outfits in pdf format

Woman: Kez van Oudheusden's self-portrait paperdoll plus more clothes

Woman: Brina's first paperdoll & outfits

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Printable Paper Houses & Furnishings

Public Museum of Grand Rapids: chair

Dollhouse Miniature Printables' Printable Furniture:corner cupboard, hope chest, cradle, kitchen cabinets

Loraine Wauer-Ferus' PaperDoll PlayHouse: sink, stove, fridge, cupboard, chair, more

Vikimouse's Treehouse Dollhouse: stove, fridge, dishwasher, table, chair, sofa, more

Cricket's Canopy Bed Also Cozy Chair

Misc. Paperdoll Sites

Paper Doll Bulletin - postings by people interested in paperdolls, maintained by Joan Homann

Original Paper Doll Artist Guild - promotes the art & hobby of paper dolls: artistry and collecting. They issue a newsletter (OPDAG's Paper Doll Studio News). Printable Melanie paperdoll & clothes. Publishing & selling paperdolls, history of paperdolls, links.

Paper Dolls Conference - postings by people interested in paperdolls, from dollfans.com

"Magazine Paper Dolls...Chronology" Joan Homann's definitive reference book on magazine paper dolls, which covers eight women's magazines from 1904 through 1995.

Paper Playmates - Maaria's Paperinuket, including dolls from her childhood, paperdolls from Apu-magazine, Finnish paperdolls, foreign paperdolls, and her own paperdolls

Paper Playmates - Karen Ledbetter's article on paperdoll history

Doll'zine - April Millican's weekly magazine which sometimes includes paperdolls. Paperdoll Links.

Activity Village Paper Dolls - list of paper dolls

Kidsdomain.com - links to paperdoll pages

Zap (Barbara)'s My Paper Dolls: collection of paperdoll books, showing their front covers. Includes Barbie, Trixie Belden, Archies, Disney characters, Ginghams, Honey Hill Bunch, Donny & Marie, Madeline, Katy Keene, Batman & Robin. Links.

Maaria's Paperdoll Page, antique paperdolls from Maaria's vast collection

Paper Doll Neighborhood: Brecklein Paper Miniatures, historic fashion studio, My House, artists' corner, links, library

Gallery of Paper Dolls: Donald Hendricks paperdolls - silver screen, literary companions, hollywood hunks, couture

Paper Printables: Collection of paperdolls taken from other sites

Soccer Fan and Player: Two soccer paperdolls, clothing and uniforms, to download from Hewlett Packard. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Funorama: Downloadable woman and child paperdolls and outfits. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Thanks to Teresa Tehven for finding this site.

Madame Alexander Doll Club: Three downloadable paperdolls. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Making Friends: Three color paperdolls or three b/w colorpages to download from Ad Impact.

Paper Kids: Custom paper dolls using photos of your own children

Magnetic Paper Doll Patterns: 12 paperdolls and 144 outfits (pictured) you can order, printed on glossy magnetic sheets

Curious George Magicloth paperdoll with 12 outfits (pictured). Can be ordered from Baby Heirlooms.

Brenda Mattox's for-sale paperdoll collection

eBay Listings - Paperdolls: auction site for collectable paperdolls

C. David Claudon's Paper Dolls - advertising his "surprisingly sophisticated" paperdoll artwork

Information for Collectors about paperdoll values. Examples of most sought after dolls. Written & referenced by Y.Karsten.

The History & Charm of Paper Dolls: Roma Welsh's informative article

Denise Van Patten's Paper Dolls: links to paperdoll sites from About.com

Sherry Osborn's Printable Paper Dolls: links to paperdoll sites from About.com

Paper Doll Theme: Pratt's list of paper doll sites

Paper Doll Information Galleria: Mareelee's collection of catalogs, PD events, newsletters, links to paperdoll sites, PD Guides and References

FreePaperToys.com: list of paper doll sites

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