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My Own Printable Paperdolls

I've made three paper dolls with outfits that you can print for a young daughter or young friend to play with. These dolls are for personal use only, and may not be published or sold.

Emily Sherah Sherah

When I was a little girl (40 years ago), I played with many paperdolls, both storebought and homemade. I especially liked small dolls. My favorite was 1 1/2" tall. I used to play with the smallest dolls under the bedsheets when I was supposed to be taking a nap! Sometimes my mom's friends would give me a McCall's paperdoll or I received other commercial paperdolls as gifts. Usually I made my own dolls and outfits. Very often I made many versions of the same doll, with different color hair or length of hair, so that all the dolls could share the same clothes.

There was always plenty of paper, scissors, crayons, and colored pencils in our house. We didn't need expensive toys to keep us happy like children I know today. We spent hours making and playing with the creations of our hands. There is no going backward in time, but I've included some paperdolls and their clothes you can print, just in case someone out there still wants to have a good time for very little money. Use your imagination. Add whatever lines, or circles, or designs, or colors you think will make your dolls and their clothes "extra special".

Paper Doll Links

Animal, Toy & Fantasy Printable Paperdolls

Berenstain Bears Dress-up Dolls: Sister Bear & Brother Bear plus 4 pages of outfits and accessories.

Hedga & Hedgie Hedgehog: Jan Brett's paperdolls plus hiking, ballerina, fireman, and cowgirl/cowboy outfits

Cat & Dog: 2 Animal Friends paperdolls. Also black/white. Outfits from Making Friends themes will fit.

Bunny: 2 Bunny Friends paperdolls. Also black/white. Outfits from Making Friends themes will fit.

Teddy Bear: Loraine Wauer-Ferus' traditional bear and 19 other bear versions with Brownie, Jr GirlScout, GirlScout and BoyScout uniforms plus color outfit pages #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6. Also same outfit pages in b/w that you color.

Rib-bit: BillyBear4Kids.com's frog paper doll with outfits. Also Todd-EE Bear

Happy Elves: 1958 girl and boy elf paper dolls with outfits. Also Teddy bear. From Teri Pettit's paperdoll collection.

Tiger Teddy: Lene Schepper's paperdolls with more than 15 outfits.

Papa, Mama and Sissy Kitty: cat family with outfits from Original Paper Dolls by *Cricket*. Also Papa, Mama Bear, Jasmine, and Johnathon Bear and Amy the Angel.

Clarence: David Claudon's cat paperdoll as Ramses, Hector, The Lord of Misrule, Sir Percival, Puss-in-Boots, Chinese Warlord, Little Crow, A Sioux, Uncle Socks. From Clarence's Eight Lives

Zelda and Ivy: 2 fox paperdolls and outfits to color. From Laura McGee Kvasnosky's Fun Stuff.

Scootles: toddler girl doll paperdoll with outfits #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5. Also toddler boy doll paperdoll Scooter with outfit. From Joanne Braden's Paperdoll Page.

The Ghoulashes: Also Glopagus Gurtle, Dusty D'Arrange, Merpy, Jeremy Dragonfly, Rufus the Firefly. From MERPY.COM's Official Paper Dolls

Mermaid: Chicken of the Sea's mermaid paperdoll and outfits

Morty Mushroom: plus 12 months of outfits on calendar pages in blcak and white or color. Also Animal Crossing dolls Krissypoo, Speed, Joey & Chucky with their own outfit pages.

Angel Fae and Missy Fae: Two fairy paper dolls plus outfits #1, #2, #3, #4, #5. From Angel's Printable Paperdolls

Cornhusk doll: with outfit pages #1 and #2. Also Rag Doll with outfit pages #1 and #2. Also Wooden Doll with outfit pages #1 and #2. Also Porcelain with outfit pages #1 and #2. From Scholastic's Paper Dolls page

Costume Gallery: Katie doll and 6 TV costumes including Laura Ingalls

Gingerbread Man Doll Chain: Color and b/w versions of the accordian fold doll

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